Last night, I did an audio note, after spending time with my mom. We happened to be in the same city. We were walking down the street and she was sharing her history with me – where she grew up, the place she had my father…

When I got back to the hotel it got me thinking about nostalgia. The past, how we do often see those experiences, as good or bad as they might have been, magnified. I understand the reason for that is because our perspectives matures and there is a richer context to now reflect with.

The desire to understand our past, our lineage also takes maturity. When we are young, we often can’t see its value. They are just stories. I know for me, after my last grandparent past away, it hit me. The ability to know and understand my past is dwindling.

My father, is in the Hall of Fame in his high school. Last weekend he was interviewed for a documentary about how their team shaped the pride and lineage of the School. Yet, another example of how we find ourselves looking to the past, for the hollowness we may feel at times in our lives.

The note from last night was very emotional and raw. Maybe I am a coward for deleting it. Yes, I am. Thank you for continuing to listen and for all of your support. Thank you for allowing me to share the deepest parts of me with you, all in the hope that I may strike a chord. That somehow, the openness in which I speak, resonate with some of the most private thoughts and/or feelings you may have.

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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