I remember the day you chewed me up and spit me back out. The moments right before, with such amazing clarity. The high-pitched noises of delight from other beach revelers, having as good of time as I was. I could feel your buoyancy and breadth as your swell enveloped me; inhaled your smell. You were a little rough but nothing I couldn’t handle. It felt like heaven to me. And that quickly, heaven turned to hell. The churn and then, fade to black.

The irony of it all is the velocity of the turn. Often you aren’t prepared. I know I wasn’t. Then, I was a lucky one. The cliche is true, what didn’t kill me, made me stronger.

Just another near death experience. That is what adversity does. It knocks you over with such unexpected force, literally knocking the wind out of you. Then, when you get your bearings, you are that much stronger. It is the when and how part that has no clear roadmap.

Just Another Day.

That is the funny thing about adversity. You stare it down and keep moving. There are other choices, sure but are they ones were considering?

I turned 46 in July. I got a call from one of my mom’s closest friends, telling me how amazing she thought I was for my ability to shrug off all of the challenges. She couldn’t believe how I never complained. This statement puzzled me. I couldn’t quite believe what she was saying because in my mind, its just life. What else is there to do? I remain cognizant of how good I have it. How bad is life really when you have access to every streaming service? lol

Challenge is never insurmountable. My childhood trauma was not more or less tragic. Everybody has something. The details behind the tough stuff, while definitely not forgotten are simply tucked neatly away.

Resilience, Baby.

People really do underestimate themselves and what they are capable of. I know my mom’s friend who called me has had some tough crosses to bear and she too, rose to the occasion. Perhaps it is because there are so many extreme examples…military, fireman, police officers, first responders, athletes… We witness their bravery, are humbled by it, even put them on a pedestal because they must posses something we don’t. It is not just their spirit that is constantly tested but their physical beings. We want to have something to strive for.

The choices they made are different. People who put themselves on the line aren’t any more capable or better, smarter people, they just have a different mindset and dialogue that supports their choices. Accordingly, we recognize them for their courage because its making the choice that is the challenge.

You do not know what you are made of until you are tested. Courage is shows up when you are ready for it.

Fade to black and then into a new light.

Music mood: Delta Spirit ” Devil Knows Your Dead”

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