We soldier into the unknown familiarity of this chemical connection.  It is the beauty of carnal physics You do not mentally process what it is that happens, but certainly feel it.  A brave heart, courage, accelerated by the anticipation of a new journey into intimacy.  The brain bubbles with the excitement and confidence soars.

There is a moment where nothing else matters. Everything is just a part in this play called, Life. The significance of these parts is given no mind.

The Consequences of Lust…

Become tangible the moment the experience of the yearning pangs overwhelm the gut. Physiological response is the the first tell. A freefall of the Amygdala.  The rush of dizzying newness. These moments play in slow motion, on a loop. They go deep enough into the cerebral bowels, beyond the imagination, because this art imitating life.

The Energy of Two.

The acceleration of which, depends on the force applied.   Does it make sense???

There are mysteries in life, laws of nature, not meant to be solved.  They live as a proof, hanging in human nature.  Observation is as far as you will get, as far as you dare to try.  The limbic tangles up our cognitive ability to want to understand. There are some feelings too good to rationalize. 

We know emotions come in pairs, delaying the inevitable pain.  Seeing it clearly but pretending it is not there.  The sweeping force.   It launches forward with controlled velocity that shocks the system.   You could change the trajectory and interrupt its energy but that would be unnatural, wouldn’t it?

Blame Newton.

Music mood: Bill Withers ” I don’t want you on my mind”

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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