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Pretty Dicks

I never expect a dick to be pretty. Unlike the female physique, when looking at a man naked, he was clearly designed for utility. Although there is something to be said for his back, chest and, if you are lucky, thighs. So while a woman benefits from having your most private parts sought after for their femininity and fertility, the man gets the short end of the stick. Penises are generally not pretty.

Worship of a Woman, Purpose of a Man.

In doing my research on the penis, I came across some historical info on the worship of Goddesses in ancient civilizations. The worship of the fertility statue, Venus of Willendorf, was often the centerpieces at orgies dating back 30,000 years ago, where people would wear penis charms around their neck. In Israel, a penis carving was found dating back 6,000 years. The significance of the need to demonstrate vitality and vigor of man through world history, is not lost, even today, through the modern architecture of skyscrapers. The footprint of “whose dick is bigger” can be found in many of the fastest-growing, most modern cities today.

Those beautiful enormous, hard steel structures hard, sleek and beautiful, personify the best of man. A psychological nod that his flesh, while not perfect, is still quite powerful, and in the company of a woman, magical.

Beauty and the Beast.

So maybe most dicks are less than aesthetically pleasing to the eye but we use them for play and purpose. We don’t expect beauty from a masculine missile whose purpose is specific – pleasure, pregnancy and sexual preeminence.

Of course, seeing a beautiful one makes you feel like its your birthday. Thick, not too fleshy, thoughtfully NOT overly manicured and with stepchildren that hang neatly and succinctly. Length is not as important as girth.

Let’s not overlook the fact that pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes. Though, if you want to get scientific, a study with a sample of 20,000 observations of a men’s penis’ was done at King’s College in London. It was determined, that 90% of men are between 4″ – 6″ erect, the average being 5.2″ erect and 3.6″ when soft. The remaining 10%? The difference was split – 5% were above 5″ and 5% fell below.

Is Bigger Always Better?

While men are conscience about their size, most women will tell you that size doesn’t matter. Candidly, its not exactly true. Size does matter but not in the way you think. Yes, a beautiful, thick dick can be alot of fun but not if its attached to a man who is selfish, arrogant with a rather unpleasant personality. Believe they exist. A smaller dick is overlooked if the guy knows what he is doing and understands that passion is to be mutually enjoyed.

Without the woman, a man only has a bird in his hand….

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