We soldier into the unknown familiarity of relationships. Our courage accelerated by the anticipation of a new journey into intimacy.  Our brains are bubbly with the excitement and our confidence soars.

The consequences of lust become tangible the moment we experience the first pangs in our gut… You know what I am talking about…the feeling of a freefall at an amusement park.  The rush of dizzying newness, wanting for these moments to live in slow motion so they can never end.  

Chemical Conversions.

You have experienced this.  If we are lucky, it will have at least once in our lives.  The moment you pinch yourself because the chemistry suddenly feels alchemical.

Invincibility is contagious.  A connection that frees you of all inhibitions and makes you ready for anything.  There is no breathing space for insecurity.

Chemistry can be studied and analyzed but the pursuit of understanding its inherent beauty is leaves us to wonder

Great Passion.  Great Pain.

Pain reminds us that we are alive.  A warrior sees the victory in pain because without risk the opportunity for transformation can’t exist.

It is these extraordinary connections that lead us to experience deep swings in emotions.  Highs come with lows.   Floating on cloud 9, eventually has us touching the ground.

Feeling our feet in the deep earth gives us an appreciation for the capacity we have in our hearts to crave and covet transcendental moments that power the transformation of our mindset.

The wonderful thing about the alchemical? If we treasure its rarity and uniqueness, we discover so much more about ourselves.  We get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Synergistic shifts occur that make us acutely aware of how much leave on the table.  What we take for granted.  What we overlook. 

Yes.   Life intervenes with profound experience and connection between people, to shake the individual out of a comfortable, perhaps monotonous reverie.   

Music mood: The Cure “Plainsong”

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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