I hope you agree. A kiss is a true stamp of approval, the cherry on the on the banana split of conversation. Europeans start their introductions with a kiss, because they realize just how important a pair of lips can be. The amuse-bouche of conversation.

An introduction never to be underestimated.

Speaking of European – Conversation French Style.

There is a always a moment when words turn into action. Where the eyes lock, the head tilts and body temperature rises. Two mouths draw close and the tongue stands on attention, as well as other body parts. While, I truly believe that arousal begins in the brain, the mouth works double duty to stimulate the rest of us.

Yes, the French were on to something with their passionate, open expression of lust. The American and British soldiers stationed in France during WWI appreciated this and upon arriving home from WWI, kissed their wives and girlfriends in that same French style, thus coining the term “french kiss.”

This Moment is Sexual Poetry.

A good kiss is exactly that. It can leave you speechless, charming your brain, mesmerizing you. A lyrical conversation between two bodies. Vulnerability on display, an out of body experience, that catalyzes courage, daring you to make the next move.

It is the beginning and the ending of the lovers’ story. Beautiful moments of intimacy, build the story which transform strangers into the familiar, creating vibrant moments that lock them into synchronicity of flow.

Formal Desire Realized.

Hesitancy makes us stumble. An unnatural behavior in a carnal moment. The body is primed to instinctively move, cradling limbs, as they are slowly succumb to an elevating desire.

All from a kiss. A bond not meant to be understood or analyzed. Like a poem or the opera, it is just felt. A hope that burns eternally inside everyone us as we dance in our conversation with others, anticipating the next meeting of lips.

Music mood: Calexico & Iron & Wine – “What Heaven Left”

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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