He told me that he was here for the connection. I knew the reason but to hear the words, it carries a significant weight of vulnerability. Maybe it was the way the words came out or the timing of the moment, but the intensity jumped through me.

Va-Va- Vulnerability.

There is something truly sexy about a man who can share a realization in that moment without the fear that it will lead to or be more than it needs to. It happens without thinking, all because it feels natural. Often, many feelings go unsaid. We worry about too much about what the other person may think…are we divulging too much? After all, we don’t want to give the wrong impression…even if we aren’t trying hard to make one.

Tender moments aren’t just reserved for couples. They can add spice to moments of modern intimacy, where boundaries peacefully coexist right beside needs. It can create a unique memory, for a one-of-its kind situation.

Emotional Dimension Feeds Sexual Tension.

Have you had the experience of sharing something deep and personal with a naked stranger? A spontaneous combustion of feelings, compelling you to share it because you are twisted in each other and the moment feels right. Sexual confidence can inspire emotional openness that matters only to further the next moment of passion. Emotional confidence inspires sexual openness.

We all have our moments when we can’t help ourselves. Stoicism and strength weaken with one really good kiss. Then we find ourselves in a sexual cocoon meant for secrets to be shared without judgement.

Plunging Into Pleasure.

In a modern age of relationships where love, sex, and intimacy flow in and out of one another, we should have no regrets. Our vulnerability should always be our sharpest instinct. Our navigation tool into a world of sex without permanent attachment and pleasure without pain.

music mood: Rufus Du Sol “Until the sun needs to rise”

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