Yes. You are simply the best because you bring out the best in me. I hear your voice, your touch and every organ in my body smiles. Did you know that the largest organ in the human body is the skin? This underscores my point, as I feel my skin on fire and tickling.

Love without Occupation.

Love can exist without the occupation of my heart and soul. Traditional relationships are not the only way to demonstrate feelings and intent. Emotion knows no boundaries, after all. Chemistry is not predictable. My capacity for love is present in every relationship I nurture. It is also unique. An exotic DNA that is imprinted into our connection without worry of the growth of conventional attachment.

Carpe Tempore.

Fear is a useless emotion. Unproductive on its face, as it drains you, and the drag on your sensibilities will dampen your passion and those sensual tickles that light up your body. Don’t think. Just move with me. These moments are special, carved out in a lustful path. In our bubble, we should be fiercely protective, because they are so special, carved out for our mutual pleasure.

Happily Never After.

This is what is so beautiful about you and I. There is no ever after. Our connection lives directionless. We don’t have a story with an ending nor does it require navigation. How can we have an end, when we continually flow in and out of these delicious moments where time is irrelevant?

Our fairytale is only just beginning.

Music mood: Tina Turner ” Simply the best”