You aren’t Ricky Suave at first glance. Perhaps that is on purpose. There are men who peacock and men who choose to let their charisma out in private. You are confident in who and what you are capable of that strutting is not necessary. I don’t have a preference but I do love surprises!

It is not that you are aggressive when we are alone. In fact, I know you understand that timing matters. A well-rounded intelligence means being attuned to the moment when the conversation becomes carnal. It is then, when that charisma shines. Your hands are adept at knowing the female body. Your hips know how to find the grind into mine.

Conversation Takes Us to One Level. Hips Takes Us to Another.

Now we are there. Well maybe not right there...but I want this to be a slow dance, at least at this moment. In fact, everything feels like its on pause as we move slowly onto each other. Control of our desires, not fast forwarding, it feels sooo good right now.

An intelligent and curious conversation has its place in churning desire. The prefrontal cortex and amygdala are interconnected in that way – rational and emotional patterns of decision making that happen so fast they are fluid. Bask in that limbic glory!

Next Level Lust. Pressing Fast Forward.

That may date me as someone who grew up in the age of tapes, but that is where we are. The slow movement is rapid now. I can’t put my finger on the moment it happened but all of the sudden, we are grabbing and pulling and grinding hard. Fast and furious. It feels like this is the last time even though it won’t be. I am just pleased at how you can unleash yourself to me. How well you are able pull the wildness out of me.

It’s your move.

Music mood: MC Hammer ” Cant touch this”

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