I know I have been MIA.  Have you missed me???   Between my Macbook dying at 7 years old  and christening a new one and building out an entirely new blog…its been a little difficult to connect.. 

Ive been reading about the concept of flow lately.  When you move through an activity in such a state of bliss and calm that it is effortless.   Some may refer to it, “as being in the zone.” 

F is for “Flow.”

Make no mistake the state of flow is solely about focus. A heightened sense of awareness that mind, body and soul are in unison. To truly get into an effortless state, where it feels a mind free from distraction is needed.  Your body and mind move in unison, in effortless elegance. 

This is the blissful state of flow.  Have you experienced this?  The mind is empty of extraneous thought, the body feels loose and the muscles are firm and strong.

An Out of Body, Out of Soul, Out of Mind…Experience.

There have been intimate situations where I have felt in flow.  The world seems to fall away, every kiss, touch and breath is in sync, moving to its own beat.  Our physical beings feel like spectators as our emotions, I dare say, souls, are in control.  We are gliding through moments imprinted in the deepest bowels of our minds. 

I don’t experience this as often as I like.   I am guilty of distraction.   The capacity to lay into this effortless elegance, the peak of emotional intelligence, is like a cup that runneth over.  A state of consciousness, where empathy is kinetic in state, a natural instinct.

Reflexive State Of Being.

In this reflexive state of being, the meditative state is automatic. We are not just to in tune with ourselves, but with others too. It is worth striving for, pushing past the distraction to the sweet spot, the zone, the heightened sense of our surroundings. A state of grace where our relationships improve, quality of life becomes richer and fuller, because we the. Situations and relationships will still have challenges and issues but our ability skillful block out the noise, will be our savior.

Music mood: RHCP “Soul to Squeeze”

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  • Robert

    Flow is state of divine transcendence.
    The ego dissolves
    Meditation , Tai Chi, Qi Gong and acupuncture can sometimes create flow.
    Flow is critical for peak experience and peak performance.

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