The First Impression

We gave each other that look. You know how it is when you meet someone for the first time. In our urban circle, we call it “the Manhattan once-over.” I remember, your eyes as you check out my heels and back-seam stockings. The conversation was standard, light and jovial, as you might expect it to be. Yet, the eyes and the slight smile told a slightly differently story, perhaps, ” let’s continue this elsewhere?”


A room full of people but it feels like we are the only ones. You have had that experience, right? In that moment, the world seems to fall away and the voices around you seem muffled. The restraint to touch flirtatiously is honored. We both know that patience rewards in abundance, when you honor its virtue. As we turned to the exit, your hand graces my back as I reach for my coat. I can feel your eyes again, burning on me. That “one more drink” questions hangs heavily in the air. We know what happens next.

The drink happens. We are giddy. The furtive looks, becoming bolder as we know we want the same thing. The “same thing” doesn’t take long to manifest. We practically run to the elevator. The next chapter in our secret continues as we know that there are crisp white linens waiting to be ruffled and soaked with our natural oils and sweat.


The joy of modern intimacy is that your focus is on the moment you are in. Everything in your being is dedicated to making it matter. How well you know each other is superficial. I don’t need to know about your childhood or past relationships, I know who you are now. I see you before me and the passion that emanates tells me all I need to know.

I want you to feel all of me and enjoy it for the moments that follow. If I am lucky, there will be more.

Music mood: Iron & Wine “Naked as We Came”

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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