Ever since I was a little girl I loved unicorns. I collected ceramic figurines of them that are still at on the shelf in my bedroom at my parents house. I loved them because they were strong, majestic and truly unique. A mythical creature for sure but one that contained a certain amount of magic.


In my early 30’s, the term “unicorn” took on a new meaning. After working long hours in my corporate job, I enjoyed kicking back at private swinger parties. The man who ran it often referred to me as a “unicorn.” I came to realize that a woman who was completely open with her sexuality, was indeed a “mythical creature.” That seemed strange to me. Life is about exploration. It is not strange to compete in Iron Man or fast for a week, and yet being open in sexuality is still a head scratcher in the general populus.


Safety in numbers, right? Individuality has lots its way. There seems to be comfort in others’ concurrence of beliefs. The irony, is that terminology and sexual language has become more complex and ultimately less interesting, trying hard to be a provocateur. The label matters more than anything.

I’d like to we are more complex. I’d like to think we don’t take ourselves that seriously. We should spend most of our time in action, not just in its image and likeness.

There stands the unicorn. Solo and strong. Mythical as ever.

“This life is more than just a read through.”

Music mood: RHCP “Can’t Stop”

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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