That Rendezvous Moment

It was so wild. Driving in your amazing two-seater with the top down. I felt invincible. It was a night I didn’t ever want to forget so I recorded you driving around the turns and the stretches. One of your many talents, race car driving. Daytona had nothing on those turns! I would say Nurburgring but we both know that’s hyperbolic! So smooth, so tight. Downshift. Pushing into fifth. I love to listen to those recordings. In some of them, you can even hear me giggle.

It was a giggle, not a laugh. That is how you made me feel that night. Its how you made me feel some nights. A smile that morphs into nanolaughters of pure glee. Like laughing gas. Uncontrollable and light. I am giggling now as I type this, remembering….what came next. Fuck, that was a good night.

And then you did it. My heart beat was deep and fast. Then, slowly and carefully, you circle your fingers around the nape of my neck before you kiss it. How did you know before I did? What my secret places were. Like a good race car driver, you anticipated.

The city looks different at night. The streets, your personal race track. You owned the streets. The stereo giving the engine first chair in the harmony of the evening.

Our own “Rendezvous” moment.

I remember, I remember, don’t worry…how could I ever forget?

What I am listening to: Phil Collins ” In the air tonight”

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