A Buoyant Life

Resilience is defined by our ability to quickly bounce back from obstacles and challenges. In one way or another we are all hurting. Hurting from loss, isolation, business or even just the general mood of the season.

This has been one of my most challenging months. I debated if I should get so personal, partly because it might not be the right time to share a more melancholic message. However, I have found that reading someone else’s words and finding we can relate, can be strangely comforting during a rough time.


Getting real and vulnerable can be a risky choice, as you leave yourself open to another’s judgement. At the same time, I never cared very much what anyone else thought.

The truth: right now, I feel depleted. I give of myself and my tank is almost at E. Have you ever felt that way? I’ve always had some sort of replenishment and recharge but that seems to be missing at the moment. I even made the choice to forgo Christmas with my family this year because of my mother and sister’s anxieties. I am feeling a bit fragile and don’t want to mix that energy. Perhaps it is just a day I want on my own terms, as often lack of control makes us grasp for what we can.


Simple yet true. When a mechanism is broken or not available, we get creative. I recognize what is missing and I am accepting of it. Im diving into it rather than diverting my attention from it. It is a different use of discipline.

We aren’t happy or content all of the time. Its not natural for us to be. At the moment, life is a struggle. If you ask me how I am, its likely I may not share what’s really going on. There are some parts of me that I guard carefully in a moment. In a world of prose, I can release that guard.

After all, buoyancy can’t exist, without opposing forces of energy.

What I am listening to: Above & Beyond “Quieter is Louder”

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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