Chicken Soup For Sex

During the snowstorm that hit NYC several days ago, I decided to make homemade chicken soup with a fresh tomato base. I let it simmer for about 4.5 hours and during that time, I was thinking about my married life. My husband and I loved to cook and entertain – family, friends, colleagues. I loved to decorate the table and use the food I grew from my garden. One of my more fond and fun memories involved Fondue, his colleagues from Switzerland and a drinking game. Europeans are always up for good fun in that regard!


Its funny looking back on that time. My life now couldn’t be more different. My ex moved to Europe, met a woman, remarried and had a son. I went a more unconventional route. The funny thing is, that my life now in some ways, is more filling. The ability to build a private and authentic connection with someone without pressure and traditional expectation is an adventure. What I have realized is that these connections are just as meaningful.


Journeys in life are rarely ever in a straight line. The superlative moments we have in life, even the most rancid moments, are often the ones, that years later we may appreciate the most because improvement doesn’t come out without a taste of struggle. Every day, I work to be a better vision of who I was the day before, not just 15 years ago, when my lifestyle underwent a fundamental shift.

The people I meet are often fascinated that one can feel satiated by a life so untraditional. Yet, I never thought twice. I don’t regret decisions I make, even if the optics don’t look good.

When it comes to relationships, if I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you. I will give you my best in that moment, based on our unique connection. There is something tres puissant about helping to build up someone’s flavor. When it comes to relationships, It doesn’t matter if I have know you for a few hours or years. I am fulfilled by you in that moment. And when that moment passes, it becomes a memory full of flavor.

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