Feeling the Smile

I was thinking of you today. The last memory. I can feel the sizzle. I can feel your smile. When a connection has depth, there is a sense of freedom, in movement and emotion. We are lucky.

There are some people who search all of their lives for that feeling. I know when we are together, naked or clothed, another memory is being made. They are not always monumental, but as vulnerabilities ebb and flow, sometimes those micromoments mean even more.

Carnal Spikes.

Your mouth is moist in excitement. Your words are coming fast and animated. My body stirs from soaking in all of the energy. Your head rests on me – my breasts swell and my heart does too. Its impossible to not feel emotional when carnal desires are spiking.

We are lucky.

The warmth of my hands explore, at first your most ordinary parts because those get neglected the most. Your response tells me so. Together, in that moment, feels like a holiday and delectability abounds. Go slow. At first. Concentrate on taking our time because that fast and furious moment is bound to come upon and savoring the now is the perfect anticipatory cocktail of arousal.

Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter.

Now. Now. Now. My brain, my body succumbs to the ever present. The fast and furious moments is imminent. Now. What happens tomorrow is not important. Im here with you now.

We are lucky.

Music mood: Chris Isaak ” Wicked Game”

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