Riding the Wipe Out

As we near the end of another year, I was thinking that this year, for me felt like a big surf lesson. I am one of those people who takes BIG chances. When I learned to surf, it wasn’t at a local beach, it was at a Praia in Brazil and then in a coastal town of Morocco. Both experiences were great but for different reasons.

In Brazil, the beach I was at, the waves were small but my instrctor only spoke Portuguese. I only know a few words. Wave after wave, wipe out after wipe out and finally, I stood up, if only for a few seconds. My time surfing in Morocco was a little different. The waves were much bigger and the current was much stronger. It didn’t dissuade me, even though again, I had one actual surf.

And Yet the Wiping Out Can be the Best Part.

While I wouldn’t say that hitting the ocean floor over and over again was fun in the moment, at the end of the day, I felt a level of exhilaration from just having the experience. Success was hidden in failure. It made me appreciate true athletic ability. I had an even greater respect for the ocean, which growing up near water, I have always had a great respect for.

Being an Entrepreneur is Like Surfing.

When your business is based in building connection, that personal interaction is key. We all need it. Touch. The excitement of getting dress up an seeing that smile on someone’s face. A hand going underneath the clothing. Over almost 9 years, that never gets old. I appreciate those moments since these days, those moments have bee more rare. However, like surfing, hitting the floor isn’t so bad if you can find your way to the beauty on the surface.

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