Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

When you think you have lost everything or something, remember that what is lost, is often found It is not a retrieval or even a replacement but something better. In the moment, within a torrent of emotion, it might be difficult to grasp. We focus so much on what was lost and not what the change is, what is new in front us. Shiny objects beware!

Today we learn from yesterday.

We are better today than we are yesterday. Our knowledge of life. A day more aware. A day more experienced. A day more adjusted to change. In that way alone, we are already better off. In that way, we learn to accept the challenge of our loss because another day we live our life, is another gift of that experience, awareness and knowledge. Change and what is shiny and new is less scary.

I am not suggest that the transition between what was and what is, should have the abruptness of a lightswitch. A new “thing” to get used is a process, whether it be moving to a new area, work environment, friendship, relationship or even something as simple as a new driving route. The physical connection has been cut and the opportunity to adjust is now. Today we have the tools to succeed at it.

Tomorrow we anticipate an uncertain future.

Now that we have emotionally mourned what is gone and seized the opportunity to enrich our lives with what is new, we are ready and waiting for a future, uncertain as it may be. The uncertainty revs our mental engines.

You see, every day is a gift. The people and experiences in them are the bells and whistles. Ring them, blow on them, decorate them, shine them up! Our minds, hearts and bodies are as open to receive ongoing change as we allow them to be. Tomorrow is the surprise. The day before is merely there to cherish.

Thank you, 2020.

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