A bold memory

There we were on a sunny afternoon. Leaves everywhere. The perfect scene for fall. A day that allowed for a dress with nothing underneath. A voyeur’s paradise.

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I couldn’t help but feel frisky. The danger of someone walking by, the freedom in the naughtiness of it all. Slowly, you began to peek, slowly the view became more obvious. I watch your jeans grow tighter as you watch me watching you.

Slowly, my exhibitionism grows, as my breasts soak in sunshine. Your hands are roaming in different directions. The warmth of the sun, the crunchy sound of the leaves, your hands, I’m transported. There is a freedom and unity in being naked in nature. The wonder of the moment, letting go of any trepidation as the tension builds.

Flamboyant and fleeting.

I feel so naughty. The richness in that is hard to measure. As my eyes penetrate yours, I realize what these moments are made for – explicit understandings. Intimacy has no place here. Rather, it is an overwhelming flamboyant sexuality. The kind that bubbles up from deep within you but is fleeting.

So much sensation in one afternoon. A bold memory.

music mood: Led Zeppelin: “black dog”

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