Tightened Blossoms

Given equal circumstances, what is better a flower that remains tight in the petals, believing in longevity or the flower that opens right away knowing its petals may fall sooner?

Every rose has its thorn.

This feels especially relevant in the time of a pandemic and uncertainty. I look around and I see people are genuinely anxious and scared. They have tightened their blossoms, the need for control is not only engrained in our psyche but more importantly, in our culture. What is interesting, is this somber mood is grounded in the lack of socratic method, creating a tension of ambivalence in daily life. The desire alone for optimism is not enough.

Late bloomers still bloom.

Courage to break through and take a risk. Every decision is grounded in it and the ability to mitigate it. As Anais Nin said, ” …the risk to remain tight in the bud is more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

There is always a choice.

music mood: Bob Marley “satisfy my soul”

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