Darling Sphinx

“There is nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood and understanding someone else.” – Brad Meltzer

In all of my relationships – friendship, family, love and sex…my deepest wish is to be understood. In conversation – at the dinner table, in bed, in laughter, over wine….

If you know me, I am always be open. I live my life making decisions I won’t regret, regardless of the impact those decisions have on my life. Reading this blog, will tell you just how open I am. In fact, I believe that openness encourages a safe space for others- whether it is to relate or connect.

That said, this openness can be deceiving. Reading stories and learning facts never makes someone understood. It is a superficial layer of knowledge. Most of us have many layers, and how deep you someone is willing to go in the pursuit of understanding, is equal parts, the willingness to open those doors as it is the level of intuition and desire to push.

While there are not many who can “figure me out” ( I have heard this often), I also can appreciate that sometimes, like a Sphinx, the mystery itself makes the intrigue. The superficiality of its beauty, is appreciate on its face. The power it yields is is easy to interpret.

Understanding human behavior is sometimes accepting that it is a mystery. How satisfied are we when solve a mystery? The intimacy enjoyed in relationships, on any level, has as much to do with the intrigue of an individual as it does the reveal.

That is all we need to understand.

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