Tongue Lashing

The secret to anything in life is confidence. Whether that starts with asking how to improve, and then executing on that advice or just going all in. This also applies to delicious matters of intimacy

Enthusiasm doesn’t equal confidence.

Personally, I’ve always loved giving and receiving. If you love something its easy and relaxing. That is confidence. It doesn’t require a tiny puppy level of enthusiasm. Desire is something you can smell, that wraps tightly around you and elevates the energy in the room. Your surroundings become nebulous.

A man who understands this, pays attention to that energy and at the same time can immerse himself in this deep intimacy. He knows not to be timid.

Forget about the maps. Navigation is not needed.

This may go against popular wisdom. However, I believe that men who focus so much on the direction and end result rather than enjoying the exploration, are navigated by ego, which ends up disappointing.

Remember: A few licks, doesn’t make an orgasm.

Just sayin’. Commit to the pleasure or skip that part of foreplay. Nobody likes an inbetweener.

Music mood: GnR: “patience”

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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