Polishing the Brain

“It is good to rub and polish our brains against that of other.” – Michel de Montaigne

Now that I am back writing, I am utilizing unusual resources to find inspiration. One of my resources is instagram, which is where I came across the quote from French philosopher, Michel de Montaigne.

It struck me that these past 8 months had me doing just that. Like many others, my in-person interaction was limited. Im not married or dating anyone, so I had plenty of time to focus on my personal growth. What I came to realize is just how much I missed people.

Polishing the tarnished parts.

No matter how things change, let’s not forget how important people real life interaction is. The simple pleasure of conversation, even if you don’t always agree. That hunger for another point of view, stimulation of intellect. Our brains were made not just for connection but come alive in the sparring, questioning and curiosity that is life.

Rub the language of your world, your thoughts onto me. The fire of your convictions light the way for this satisfying candor. The tarnish fades and what is bright, shiny and strong reveals itself.

My world is ready for you. Polish me again.

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