Memories in the time of Corona

I have been silent for awhile because, I didn’t really know what to say.  For those of you who know me…I always have something to say,  so this may shock you.  lol

However, as I haven’t been in NYC in over a month.  My place of  social distancing has stirred up many memories…

In a culture, of oversharing, its perfectly acceptable…Here goes..

the Butcher’s cock.  Yesterday, I was at the butcher and as the guy was getting by bone marrow, I remembered him was a guy I had a date with when I was 16.  He  worked at the butcher shop then, was a surfer, and drove a jeep.  Enough said as to why I went out with him.  Back then, if you were a guy who drove a Jeep Wrangler shirtless, I didn’t think twice about accepting a date.  Bonus points if you had the surfboard.

While I don’t remember the G-rated part of the date, I do remember him driving to the golf course after.  I did wear underwear then but it didn’t stay on for very long….hubba hubba!

The lifeguard strut.  I never understood the feminist agenda.  Even as a 15 year old teenager,  I was going to use everything in my arsenal to get what I wanted.  There was nothing better than hanging out with my best friend as we strutted in front of all of the lifeguard stands.  I was an arrogant teenager.  Im not ashamed to admit, that it became a game, how many times the a lifeguard would “blow his whistle” and call us over.  I remember one time, Brad gave me a ride home after his shift.  I wasn’t allowed to ride in cars with strangers.  My parents were extremely protective.  Brad had a Jeep Wrangler (surprise, surprise!)  and with the music blaring and nothing on but board shorts and a tanned, ripped chest, pulled up in the driveway.  My father, who was reading on the deck,  said nothing but his look said everything.

Prom night.  The night of my senior prom, I told my friends, that I would be arranging the post-prom festivities.  We were doing the traditional Jersey thing and heading to the shore and heading to my parent’s vacation home.  In my infinite wisdom, I didn’t ask them because I knew the would say no.  I took a bag of house keys with me.  After prom, about 10 of us, drove down to the beach and to my surprise NONE of the keys worked! This is what happens when you don’t tell the truth! lol    It was 1am, so we decided that we would go for a skinny dip before heading to my other friend’s beach house in LBI (we were able to get into his house!)

It’s fun to look back but more important to look forward.

Yes, it’s fun to reminisce.  Those memories are unrepeatable in many ways and the people who really know me, know that the person I am today,  is too far off…  What matters now,  though, is to look forward. There are so many silver linings waiting to be discovered.   Our lives are not meant to go untested or challenged.  Pain is meant to remind us how sweet pleasure can be.    The challenges we experience are the building blocks to improvement.

One block at a time.

Music mood:  RHCP ” Cant stop”

Neurally yours,

the corners of my mind xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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