Slack Water….

There is a radiance emanating from the inside out. A commanding sexuality languishing in ambiguity to the curious, stunned eyes.   The  velocity of feminine curves, like on a race track, forcing your focus and hug those curves that much tighter.

Moving smoothly through a sensual awakening.

Our lives are consumed with the clutter of habits. We may not even be conscious of it.  Then you have a moment, where those habits and the movement of life around you is suddenly, on pause.

Like slack water, there is a stillness before the next body of motion.  We can remain where we are, as a robust sentiment of carnal heat vibrates between us.

Now we are ready.

Effortlessly finding the pinnacle of mutual pleasure.

This journey has stops along the way.   We make them slowly and patiently.  The best adventures keep us in suspense as we find joy and relief in that exploration.

Floating along in the slack water until the ebb or flow of the tidal current takes us in a new direction.

It is then that we glide into the reality of another anticipatory moment.

Music mood:  Jimmy Buffett “he went to Paris”

Neurally yours,

your skipper xo 


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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