You aren’t living in a world of make believe. Perhaps you have just lived in harsh reality for far too long.  Of course, it’s easy to fall into patterns.  I don’t blame for being too lazy to change the circumstance.  Now, hear you are….with me.   Together we are creating a path, discovering a new part of you, an adventure with no real destination, or maybe it’s just that the destination doesn’t matter.

The road less traveled opens a world of opportunity.

A mutual bond of integrity and conscience binds and allows us to dive into the adventure waiting.   Our ability to live in reality is what allows us to explore this road, unpaved. It is rough at times, because nothing is perfect, but the fun moments, when we are relaxed and it feels as if the sun is shining through us, those are lasting and cherished.

Embrace never ending discovery.

Now close your eyes, mon amour, because this is the feeling we stay for.

Neurally yours,

your GPS xo 

Music mood:  Smokey Robinson  – “I second that emotion”