Music of a Maestro

Like a true artist, your mind is alive and vibrant. A true Maestro who understands how to orchestrate a moment.  You know that it is not one-dimensional and that timing matters.  You anticipate several moves ahead and never let yourself feel anxious or nervous.

A Maestro’s tempo- everything just flows.

There is no hesitation.   Your hands and strokes, glide smoothly.   The smile that slowly lights up your face confirms that my body is harmonizing with yours in perfect pitch.  I love how you can read my mind and anticipate when a little improvisation is needed, never missing a beat.

The sound of my heart. The pulse of my body.

Listen closely.   Get close.  You can write your next composition from what you will learn by listening.   Secrets and desires – a melodic narrative unique to us.

So…play it again, Sam.

music mood:  Rollings Stones ” as tears go by”

Neurally yours,

sharps and minors xo


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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