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Wading into the Warmth

Just right.  The rain shower serving its purpose, lightly cascading droplets of water over our naked bodies.  We stood talking….small talk and big talk.  The water was not too cold, not too hot.  It was perfect warm, just right.

Moments before….

I was on all fours. My head bent, my body curved in a worship-style position.  Your strong, tall body hovered over me – massive and ready to relinquish your passion as the stress of your day melts away and into me.

It took a few minutes to catch my breath.  The raw sensuality of the moment dripping, in rhythm, over us.

Feeling the heat without the burn.

Surrender.  Not for a lifetime but just a moment.  The matter of power is equal.   In the here, the warmth of that surrender shields us from ego, arrogance and most importantly, the persuasion of competition.

The tepid feels safe.  It allows us to come alive slowly without shock or gimmick.

Wade into the warmth with me.

Music mood:  Alina Baraz ” Drift”

Neurally yours,

rubber ducky xo 


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