I wish….

I could invite you into my heart.  That when the time is ripe, not right, you could stomp and get the freshest juice to turn into legendary wine. Every oenophile knows the best wine takes its time even after harvest.

You could live inside my veins.  I want you to feel the blood pulsing through my veins.  The oxygen that powers blood through the lungs and heart and to all the veins. I want you to feel this cardiovascular system at work as it tirelessly pumps and dumps….I want you out of breath….

But you take it for granted….

Those organs and functions will always be there.  I forgot, you are invincible, right?  There is nothing wrong until there is….

Still….life is meant to be lived.

So….Stop Wishing…..and Start Doing….

Fuck it.  What really, do you have to lose?  Find time for yourself.  Indulge.  Spoil yourself.  Spoil others.  Be the person you imagine but never had the courage to be.

Swim in my pool.  The depth doesnt matter.

It is, sometimes about saving yourself. You can drown even in a few inches of water.  Don’t forget the life preserver.  In no way am I tooting my own horn.

In the end, you save yourself.  Figure it out. You are simply the best or maybe I am.

Music mood:  Tina Turner ” Simply the best”

Neurally yours,

a spinning record xo 

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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