Blinding Moments

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It has been a few months since I’ve been to Mass.  I was home in the city this weekend so I thought it was time to break that streak.  I’m so glad I went.  There is something so invigorating about spending 60-80 minutes with nothing but thoughtfulness, beautiful music and the suffering and resurrection of Christ to make you appreciate the life you have.

Don’t expect fire and brimstone.

The people that know me, understand I am passionate about my views, fairly reasonable, ultimately pragmatic and passionate.  I used the word passionate, twice, on purpose.

The Homily was relevant.  The Priest talked of God’s light and how it guides in our daily lives.  The compelling notion to follow in a path of renewal, optimism and compassion.

 Momentarily, blinded by the light.

Light is transparent, allowing us to see what lies ahead. Its warmth draws us towards it and makes us feel more secure. And yet sometimes the light is so bright it blinds us.  In this moment, we are at an emotional crossroads.  The brightness blinds us, leaving us in the dark.    Our sunglasses serve the purpose of creating relief with shade but not making it any clearer.

It took a disciplined, consciousness effort to not succumb to a cynical perspective.  2019 was a year of challenge for me on many fronts and it would have been easy to turn away from the proverbial light.  In truth, there were times of doubt, anger and resentment in the past few years.  There were moments where being inarticulate caused great strain on my personal relationships.  Just as the bright light shines in our eyes and temporarily blinds us, so is that moment when negative emotion prevails.  The positives are diminished and we just seek temporary relief from our pain and anguish.

Build a conscious spiritual acumen.

We work on our bodies to be flexible, strong and efficient.  Yet, the intangibility of spirituality is large and looming, and admittedly can be the most challenging as we move through our lives.  It is  a v. personal path with little accountability.

Faith is like a muscle- you have to exercise it to have strength.

Clarity comes with patience.   My favorite book of all time, The Alchemist, illustrates this point beautifully.   In order to achieve greatness in your life, in whatever form that may be, you must be able to see through the blind spots.  Trust they are temporary through your faith.

The light of God does produce blind spots, doubt and fear.  It is with faith that we find goodness in others and humanity. Faith in something bigger than ourselves.

Music mood:  Bob Marley ” Redemption song”

Neurally yours,

ethereal envy xo 

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