A Naked Mind

Your imagination is waiting for me to charm and color it.  A malleable level of mental fitness that would make a trainer proud.  While your mind races to scintillating visuals – because as a red-blooded man, you need those visuals and thanks to porn and also Twitter, you have plenty.

The mind is your biggest sexual champion.

Every day, your mind is in a battle.   The intellectual and the carnal.  The daily responsibilities maintain the even keel.  Yes, this is great as a way of maintaining the mind/body/spirit balance BUT without the ability to just do without thinking, we appreciate the middle ground that much more.

Let the mind loose once in a while.  Let your body just react.  The touch of warm hand, eye contact in a conversation, a whisper in an ear.  Our bodies crave pure passion.  Our mind knows we need it.  However, it doesn’t want us to be reckless, so it ensures the right opportunities present themselves.

Your body and soul need love too.

So here I am.  I’m waiting for you.  Don’t worry because I am patient.  It’s been so long, hasn’t it?

Don’t hide the best parts of you.  People walk around confident that they can hide their fears and insecurities.  What you don’t realize is that your passions and desires are enveloped in them.  That’s the sacrifice.  That is the choice.  A mind that relinquishes control  and trusts as default behavior.   The body then reacts in kind…leaving the soul satisfied.


And yet it all came to be with a naked mind.

Music mood:  Eric Clapton & JJ Cale “Hard to Thrill”

Neurally yours,

the trifecta xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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