That One Special Thing

Everyone has something.  It is what makes you shine.  What makes you interesting.  You underserve yourself, too often.  Life doesn’t have to be felt in extremes.  Confidence is not arrogance.    Laughing at yourself is not self-deprecation.   Humility is not a sign of weakness.

I look for what is unique in you.  This is my navigation as I am getting to know you.  As the bond grows, you share more, at your own pace of course.  I trust my initial instinct.  You are journey, well travelled.

It feels good to have appreciation from a veritable stranger, doesn’t it?  And yet, I am not a stranger.  I am merely a mirror, allowing you to look as deep into yourself as you choose.

Then again, maybe it’s not about depth.

We aren’t always looking for the deeper meaning, sometimes it is seeing yourself from another angle. An opportunity to appreciate what someone, not in your daily life, sees.   The intimacy that develops from that is our special secret.

It is that one special thing that makes you just so unforgettable, truly.

Music mood:  Above and Beyond “All over the world”

Neurally yours,

your mirror xo

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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