The Potency of Apologies

The word “sorry” could very well be one of the most over used words of the English language.   Its origin is based in the Anglo word sarig, which means ” distressed,  grieved, full of sorrow.”  In the spirit of the definition, “sorry” would only be used for the purpose of expressing deep sympathy.

Enter a convenient way to excuse bad behavior.

As technology evolves our society, we are looking for shorter more efficient ways to communicate.  After all, emojis seem to have made their way into our daily conversations.  It would make sense then that a word so simple but steeped in deep meaning and intention, could be so elastic.   We use it without even thinking. The flexibility of the word is so strong that we accept its usage without thinking or wondering if the sentiment behind it is even genuine.

The consequences of its dilution is real.

I find people who apologize needlessly to be weak in constitution.  Yes, that is a strong judgement but  part of building character comes from the ability to recognize mistakes and errors in judgement with deliberate action and words.  I can admit when I am wrong and I am quick to do so. I know that apologizing is merely an easy scapegoat.

An act of apology for bad behavior has now become a pet peeve.

The true making of an individual involves rising above how the masses behave.  A person who treasures and respects insight.  In my relationships, that is what matters most to me. I am not looking for perfection.  Quite the opposite actually.

“To err is human, to forgive is divine.”  Right?

Let’s start there.  Our mistakes.  Our failures.  What makes us imperfect.  The desire to grow and build up from that.  It is not so that we can become perfect but so we can realize and share a common perspective that allows for a larger margin of error and our ability to be resilient.

The apology is not the word.  It is the action.

As we apologize less our character deepens and when we it is necessary to express that sympathy to another, the potency creates an impression and bond not soon forgotten.

Music mood:  Bon Jovi ” never say goodbye”

Neurally yours,

your apology xo


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