Hellos and Goodbyes

In a single lifetime, how many hello and goodbyes do you think you give?  I  would guess, too many to count, and really, the number is irrelevant.

These formal and polite phrases of salutation, steeped in traditional cadence seem fleeting but yet carry a weight that resonates long after they have been uttered and observed.

Hellos and Goodbyes are more similar than you think.

In the right context, they can be interpreted as a beginning.  The first hello in a job interview, a date,  a birth, a business meeting.   Then there is the goodbye.  A break up.  Being fired.  A death.  The sense of finality is there but what lingers is not the sadness but the hope.   This is where the similarities lie.

Greetings are in context, conceptual.

1,440 minutes are in a day.  How many times do you hello and goodbye?

From the casual to the significant and life-altering, we all have the same minutes in a 24hr day to utilize these greetings.   They are gateways –  both entry and exit, to an opportunity.  Introductions and conclusions.   Strive to be deliberate.

Don’t underestimate what is next.

There is so much power in those small, seemingly inconsequential words that it is almost combustible.  Write your next chapter.  Find the romance and intrigue in a dialogue again.  More importantly, listen closely, you may be surprised by where the hello and goodbye take you next.

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Neurally yours,

your mystery waiting xo

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