What Makes Wonderful

How far does my heart stretch?  How deeply can my mind meditate on  the lines of an erudite imagination?  My body is alert.  My mind is present.   I am with you every step of the way.  At times, I may even be a few steps ahead because I am anticipating your needs and desires.

That is what makes us wonderful.

I’m there even when I am not.  There are no guessing games.  Our shell is protected by our faith and trust in one another.  What makes us unique is  how the strength of our relationship is not measured by our physical presence.

Because character counts.

In this world your character is what is unique and what you have to make lasting impression.  I was raised to focus on my character and I work constantly to develop it.  You know my character is ground in a high level of integrity.  I connect with those that have the same values.  The focus is never on “what can you do for me?”  We both know that part of the journey is in the strive.   I make mistakes.  You make mistakes.  We don’t dwell.

The inherent belief is that what lies beneath is way more important than a word or action said in a moment of emotional tension.

So fall back into me.

Go ahead.  Take the leap with me.  Let’s savor the experience for everything that we can build it to me.  Page after page.  Chapter upon chapter.

Music mood:  Delta Spirit ” Devil knows your dead”

Neurally yours,

Ms. Wonderful xo 



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I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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