What Are You Worth, Ms. Secretary?

That was my challenge.  We met at a hotel room in Greenwich and I was prepared to state my case.  My boss doesn’t intimidate me.  I know my value and I was ready to negotiate, with a scoopful of honey….

Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

I notice everything.  You don’t excel at life if you aren’t as focused on the little details as you are the big picture.  My boss is old school.  He wanted me to dress the part of his secretary – form-fitting dresses, stockings  and heels, not just for his enjoyment but also for his clients.   He was always subtle with his compliments but I knew he appreciate my body.

Quid pro quo.  I dressed the part, acted the part and made sure he saw just how much I pushed his business forward as a result.  I understand the intrinsic value the subtle touches have in the psychology of a business deal.

The day of reckoning has finally arrived.

I booked a suite because I wanted to make sure he didn’t get confused.  After all, I needed to have 1 ace in my pocket.  Certainly, I wasn’t going to let him know, that I had every intention of staying by his side regardless of the percentage raise that was negotiated.  He has sparkling eyes and a youthful glow that certainly defies his age.  Truthfully, I’d be on my knees if he asked; he hasn’t…yet.

The sound of his hand wrapping on the wooden door still echos in my brain.  I am shaking a bit but I take a deep breath and walk to greet him.

Tonight is the night.

Creating the win-win. Time to celebrate.

Celebrate we did…

I won’t bore you with too many details, but I can say we both departed our meeting with smiles on our faces.  Giddy and satisfied.  I stated my case for why I deserved the raise.  He listened intently, never taking his eyes off my face, except to wander a bit at my cleavage and to notice a hint of the garter I was wearing underneath my dress.  I used the assets I had to my advantage – my brain and my body…and showed my boss just how indispensable I am…

Music mood;  None.  This was a negotiation.

Neurally yours,

Madame Secretary xo 






I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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