Tchaikovsky’s Tease

I have recently begun doing ballet.  When I was young, like most girls I took classes and performed in recitals.  Needless to say, it been 34 years since I have put on the pink, split-sole slippers. The story of the Nutcracker as told in musical composition by Tchaikovsky is a classic ballet and one of my favorites…

The journey begins with a dream and a kiss…

My body awakens and instantly, my legs, adorned in black stockings and a garter, began to tease.  I could  feel the silk of the stocking glide across your back.   Gracefully  I hyperextended my legs into a “v”,  transitioning into a vertical pose as I felt your mouth.

Dancing in my own carnal ballet.

As my eyes closed, I felt myself become lighter, limbs lithe, ready to pirouette into the second act. My mind racing, imagination blooms.  A montage of visual explosions in my brain generated by the coolness of the room and the heat between us.   The sugar plum fairy spirt is alive in me, savoring a moment of sweetness and light.  Then, you grab for my hands.  In that  instant, we are now together on this journey, moving in wonder into a land of sweetness  and delights.  We now we are vulnerable but that awareness is also our shield of invincibility, safely allowing imaginations to guide our bodies through any trench.

The destination is the illusion not the journey.

Time gently moves us back into reality.  We float into a new focus but the journey is not over it is just merely transitioning.  It finds a place to rest and rejuvenate.

The world is epic in battles fought, regardless of victory or defeat.    There is valor in anticipation of the unknown.  The limbic clatter in your brain  is your arsenal.  An army of signals ready and waiting to enliven the enchantment that is hidden.

Music mood:  Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ” Scene in the Pine Forest”

Neurally yours,

dreams xo 

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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