Thanksgiving Note

As another Thanksgiving day comes and goes, I wanted to take a moment to recognize my favorite holiday.  It is one of the only holidays that has nothing to do with gift-giving or candy, or egg hunts.  lol    It is merely about appreciating what you have, the people around you that enrich your life and the experiences, both beneficial and challenging.

Making the small things count.

The moments matter.  The relevance of the relationship on a day to day level is less significant.  My life is blessing because of the conversations I’ve had, what I have learned from others.  The times I felt someone needed me and I could be there to embrace vulnerability in that moment.

It is powerful.

The mind and body merge of a peripheral connection.  An outsider dismisses its because they have never taken the chance find solace and sensuality in the words and touch of a veritable stranger.  That is where the magic lies…where you find a wisp of truth, fleeting and light, that it make escape you if you aren’t immersed in that moment.

A well of gratitude for the creation, sustenance and nurture of the collective moments that foster my growth to please and be pleased; to be thanked and thankful.

This is my thanksgiving.  What is yours?

Music mood:  Elvin Bishop ” fooled around and fell in love”

Neurally yours,

your Butterball xo 


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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