In 2012, after 15 years, I left the world of advertising because I arrogantly believed that I could do better.  I could be better.    The culture in advertising was toxic-overworked, under resourced, always feeling like a hamster on a wheel.    I always knew I wanted to work for myself and when I was young my grandfather, who was an entrepreneur himself, told me that I had the traits to be a successful one too.

The journey was thoughtfully planned. I moved from being qualitatively managed to being a producer and being quantitatively managed.  After all, its difficult taking an entrepreneurial leap if you have never experienced rejection and managing a pipeline of business.  Of course, that “entrepreneurial” step was a bit unorthodox.

They say the grass is always greener, right?

Seven years into business for myself, every day I wake up….humbled.  I have spreadsheets upon spreadsheet that track metrics that should be useful and beneficial for my trending the future and understanding my clientele.  Yet, the one thing I quickly  realized  is that everything begins and ends with me.  The choices I make, my behavior.  The impression I leave.

It was less of an epiphany and more of a long “a-ha” reminder that the buck stops here.  In theory,  that is obvious but yet it easy to forget when you are working for someone else.  A case of blame displacement, perhaps or maybe it was arrogance and entitlement.

Yes, I can take those spreadsheets and tell myself any story I want.  The truth is that my story is the one I choose to tell, the one we all choose to tell – ourselves and others.

I have everything to lose and nothing at the same time.  Bottom line, the “I” in integrity starts with me.

Music mood:  R.E.M. “Get Up”

Neurally yours, 

some kind of entrepreneur xo