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Its been a while (about 5 years) since I’ve opened up in a post about my quirks, interests and desires.  If you have read this blog from then and now, you will know that I have changed a lot and some things have stayed the same.  In the spirit of now, I though  a quick list of trivia about yours truly might be fun, if you care to indulge….

  • A big interest of mine is sailing and I am a member of sailing club.  I love the synergy, that no one person is great than the crew.   The feeling of being on the open ocean is a thrill that little else can provide.
  • My favorite champagne is Pol Roger. This also happens to be Winston Churchill’s favorite too.
  • An ideal date would include one of the following scenarios:  1.) tailgating at the Grove in Ole Miss to see ‘Bama, LSU or Auburn.  2.) Hospitality box at the 12Hrs of Sebring  3.) Fly Fishing on the Snake River in Jackson.
  • I was born with a heart condition and a neurological condition.  I spent most of my youth in and out of hospitals but when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
  • I’m a yankee with a redneck heart, a European palate and a bohemian soul.
  • I’m obsessed with podcasts.  It’s  a must when traveling, even a short distance.  My favorite ones are Driving While Awesome, EconTalk, The Knowledge Project and Office Ladies.
  • In high school I was known for getting naked at parties.  I spent a good part of those years with no clothes on.
  • A geek at heart, I love to read non-fiction- business books and self-development.  Some of my favorite authors are Robert Greene and John Maxwell.
  • During the very early days of social media (2007), I was a fashion blogger.
  • College football is a like a religion to me.  Saturdays in the fall are mine, baby.
  • Im a huge fan of  endurance car racing.  I look forward to the end of January every year.
  • I dont’ speak any language fluently but I can say 3 words in about 7 languages.  I’m told by  my French friends that my french gets better the more I drink.
  • The only foods I wont eat are peppers, indian food, brussel sprouts and asparagus.
  • I’m a wine snob.
  • In college  I had a lot of phone sex with my International Relations professor.
  • There is nothing more vulnerable and sexy than eye contact during sex.
  • I love to cook and entertain.  It is the one thing  I miss about being married – hosting lavish and crazy dinner parties.
  • My favorite jewelry is anything with real pearls.
  • God is a very important part of my life.  I pray every day and attend mass regularly.
  • The biggest influencers in my life are my mom and dad. They taught me fortitude, integrity and being a giver not a taker are the keys to success in life and love.

Music mood:  Beastie Boys ” So What ‘Cha Want”

Neurally yours,

your not so mystery girl xo 

I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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