Quattro Power

A little power is all that it takes.   The charisma and intention in your eyes is clear as you stand over me- clothed male, naked female.

There are some actions that require little words.  It is all in the handling. You know that because I’ve told you this before.  This machine, that is underestimated for its power and drive, needs to be understand for its engineering.  How can you get the most out of it if you don’t understand it?   There is a chance that you think you do because as a man your drive revolves around understanding and solving the series of challenges.  The psychological fix is that you will persevere through this puzzle.

I admire your effort.  The time you put it, studying my facial expression and wondering what I am thinking.  You can tell from my posture and my eyes, what I am feeling but what I am thinking remains a mystery.  However, in that moment, I am not sure it matters, as your forehead falls into me and your hands find a home elsewhere.

Here we go….four times the power.

Music mood:  Iron and Wine  “such great heights”

Neurally yours,

LMPT Girl  xo 



I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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