He came home from college unexpectedly.  A heady night of champagne and whiskey put my husband to bed early, leaving me desperately aroused.

My son and his friends are in their 2nd year and no longer neophytes to the the way of college life.  Is it inappropriate that I wonder how their sex lives are?  When my son came home, looking as mature as ever, I was so happy to see him.  Of course.  In my state of arousal, I tried to keep my thoughts clean as I told him he could probably use a shower.

I was in my robe with my lingerie underneath but looked modest enough to keep him from blushing.

Then, I walked into the spare room, and disrobed.  I began to push my fingers deep inside me.  The rhythm I found in masturbating made me feel so far away from everything, the world quieted and it was just me and the rhythm of my fingers. Suddenly, the reverie is broken as I hear a throat clear, albeit, nervously.  My 20 year old son is standing behind me, in nothing but a towel.

Through the candlelight it is hard to read facial expression.  However, it is not hard to sense the sexual tension, thickly wavering between us. You move forward, at first hesitantly but as I stand there,  consenting to your movements in silence, the next step is your mouth on mine. “Oh, mom…” you whisper.

In the dark of the room we stand millimeters apart, touching and kissing but my hand never removes the towel.  I prefer the tease.  Then, the next minute, I can’t resist, and we fall in together.

My lips find every part of your body.  “Oh, mom..” you moan again…again…again.

We work our way into one another.  Hungry and clinging.  The taboo has worked its way into us.

Mommy’s son has come home.

Music mood:  Otis Redding “my lover’s prayer”

Neurally your,

mommie dearest xo