Dapper Dan

I’ve gotten used to a more casual look but you, my Dapper Dan, well you bring back the art of the classic style.  A time where price was in the details, and made to measure, mattered.

Of course styles change.  I don’t fault a man’s style, whatever it is, as long as he owns it.  You however, you walk, talk and wear your style in all of its glorious detail.  The braces, the watch, the suit cut precisely to your measurements and yet you look so relaxed, as if you were born to wear it.

The best part about your style is that it yours.  You don’t dress to impress.  You just enjoy the feel of quality fabric against your smooth skin.  The ways of  a different age, when a suit didn’t mean you were stuffy,  it meant that you appreciated the company you were in.

And so it go, dapper Dan…keep being dapper and giving pleasure to those where it counts.

Music mood:  John Coltrane “In a sentimental mood”

Neurally yours,

sartorially sexy xo


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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