Honest Company

I’ve been thinking lately about how much I value the truth.  Perhaps it is because parts of my life are shrouded in secrecy.  Of course, I think this is true of many people.  In a twist of irony, I think it is our secrets that fuel our desire for the truth.

In pursuit of this truth,  I wonder is it honesty I seek or the candid?  When I examine the difference, the connotation is the line in the sand.  A candid remark has a positive sentiment, even if it isn’t complimentary because of the spontaneous nature.  Whenever I hear the preamble, “to be honest”, I can’t help but cringe.  Are you lying to me most of the the time?  It reminds me that ” honesty”  is often selfishly motivated, under thinly -veiled altruism.

Which now brings me to the art of the artificial truth, better knows as a “lie.”  When was it decided that lying  is such a bad thing?  I would argue that in some cases, many even, the lie is more honest than the truth.   How many lies do you tell in a day?  Some that are even automatic?

In truth, the lies we tell can be the most honest thing about us.  We don’t all have it in us to be extroverted and candid.  The mental and emotional energy expended in the  battle of “what to say, how to say it” can be much very fought by surrendering to a lie.  However, it is important to remember to pick those battles wisely.   It is impossible to draw on the support of others, if they can’t trust you.

We all ultimately understand that to “err is human but to forgive is divine.”  In the meantime, enjoy the honest company that our lies temporarily give us.

Music mood:  Chris Isaak ” Somebody’s Crying”

Neurally yours,

your conscience xo 

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