The Scrambled Egg Theory

The best part of  the date is breakfast.  Every time.   Dinner is great, of course but I enjoy the morning more.  Waking up with you, having some morning fun and then sitting down to delicious protein, as we talk about the state of the world.  Luckily, we agree on most things!  It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I know why!

Yes, we are busy living very different lives so when I do hear from you its always a nice surprise.  And when we are not together I think about breakfast.  I know the reality is that we are only well-suited to a point,  not a life-long love or soul mate.  I’m happy with my eggs in the morning.

How many of us have that opportunity?   To find a love, a connection so rare that any words  just can’t accurately describe the sensation and feeling.  Where you have the ability to communicate without communicating.   If you find it, you just want to cradle it like a tiny bird, feed it, nurture, knowing that something so amazing can never be controlled or captured.   The best thing you can do is let take the path it will take, in its own way and on its own timeline. Live in the sweetness and innocence.

In the meantime, I’m happy with my eggs in the morning.  I always leave satisfied and smiling.

Music mood:  Bruce Springsteen “if I should fall behind”

Neurally yours

eggs over easy xo 


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