Looking at you talk to me about your job,  I see your mind computing.  I  can feel a stir inside me as a result.   Of course I give nothing away.  I listen intently and ask you question but my pussy is wet.

Cerebral seduction is the best.

A natural break in the conversation prompts me to suggest we move things to my bedroom.  It may sound rehearsed but Im ready.  I still want to take it slow….

We kiss and kiss and kiss, just standing there.  I unbutton your shirt slowly, and I sit.  I press my cheek against the warm skin of your stomach.  I let my hands grope the band of your boxers.   In this moment I imagine you talking to your colleagues and clients.

I don’t stop there.  Lower and lower I go, feeling the smooth fabric and your warm skin.  You keep it professional as if my head is not locked into your groin.  I know how stoic you are being and I let it go a little more…a little more…Now. I. Have. You.

The palm of my hand.  I look up.  There you are looking down.

Oh the legal-ease of it all…

Music mood:  Rolling Stones ” gimme shelter”

Neurally yours,

the paralegal xo



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