Come Monday

We had each other for the length of a song.  Ok, maybe two or three.  Maybe even more.  You turned around and with that gorgeous smile and a strong tanned arm, you grabbed me and twirled me around.    I haven’t had a romantic moment like that with a stranger in a long time.  Is that what you people who know each other by their first name only?    It didn’t seem to matter.

The atmosphere was electric.  Your palm clasped mine and it was warm and dry.  You leaned into me and inhaled into my neck.  A whisper escaped your lips, ” you smell like the beach.”

Then, you reached out and touched my stomach so that you could grab me and sway with me.    It was innocent enough but you were so strong and secure.  Lost in the moment that felt like it was just for us.  I felt the rush.  The swoosh in the pit of your stomach when the moment is just right, so right it can’t be repeated.

Then you disappeared.  The reverie was broken by an ordinary circumstance. I still have those moments to replay in my mind.

Maybe in another salt life.  Come Monday, my grapefruit, juicyfruit.

Neurally yours,

flamingo girl xo


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