Prayers for Rain

Rolling thunder.  Pelting  summer rain.  Outside and distant.  In this moment,  in the chaos of the storm, all is calm between us.  I am with you.   The rhythm of the water as it hits the window, our movements in sync as our hands and mouths connect.

Lost in a  moment.  Lost track of time.  Lost in ourselves.   Another time.  Another place.    know our souls feel dry and desolate at times.  I pray for the bloom of my heart.

Here you are, lush and ready to take my hand and lead me out of the desert.  Take me into the same deep water as you;  adrift but anchored in the passionate stillness of the energy that surges between us, together or apart.  Lower now.  Slower now.

Now, kiss me goodbye.

Music mood:  the cure ” the same deep water as you”

Neurally yours,

the ripples clear xo 




I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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