The Endless Journey

I thought when I got my first job in marketing, my journey for my career was over.  Of course, I was a young and arrogant 22 year old ready to set the world of advertising ablaze….lets just say it was more like a slow ember with 5 alarms happening every month or so.

It was the same when I met my college sweetheart who later become my husband.  I thought the ring on my finger symbolized a forever of togetherness.  That forever of togetherness lasted a total of 7 years.

At that time in my life there was no journey.  It was simple goal setting – marriage? check.  dream career? check.  I believed that as long as I had a clear vision, my decisiveness would protect me.

Life is funny with its lessons.

We may not realize we are on a journey, they are simply goals and dreams.   A more tactical than philosophical approach.   That is, of course, until we meet with challenge or setback.  Therein lies the impetus to reflect then execute on the important choices we need to make.    A journey isn’t smooth.  There are crossroads and setbacks alongside victories.   It doesn’t discriminate with age either.   What matters is momentum.  The action created. The unexpectedness of being taken off our track is a deliberate jolt to the system and a reason to appreciate not just where we have been but the uncertainty of the direction we are headed.

Music mood:  Elton John “Goodbye yellow brick road”

Neurally yours,

Dorothy xo


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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