Your Expression…

It gives nothing away.  I look into the few lines on your face hoping they will tell me a secret.   They remain silent.   The look in your eyes is toying with me so I know that something is coming, I need to say on my toes.

And then we kiss.  The irony is that it is not our kisses that warms our carnal instincts.  It is rather, the desire for desire.  Our need to feel wanted and the passion is the guiding force that overtakes our movements.  My hair trickles down your body.   I look into your eyes because I want to know that you are not afraid to look at me.

The expression on your face is one I study.  The sound emanating from your throat, as excitement grows,  resonates even now.   I smile. You smile. Our secret is safe.

In the next moment I see you tighten and tense from head to toe….even the follicles of your hair stand on attention.  A split second later, all is quiet.  I know from your expression that the spirits of worry,  tension, repression and obligation have been carried off.  There is no you and me.  There is just our secret.

Music mood:  The Cure  “pictures of you”

Neurally yours,

the horny ghost xo 


I'm a writer and a lover not a fighter, except if I really want something.

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